SIGGRAPH 2019 Rendering Resources

From the movie Alita:Battle Angel
I had an opportunity to attend the SIGGRAPH this year July 28 - Aug 1 in L.A. And I’ll try to collect and archive the resources about rendering here.

If you have a membership to ACM Digital Library, you can find almost everthing about the conference there, even incluing recorded videos.
For a more comprehensive resources, you can check this link from Ke-Sen Huang’s page.


  1. Are we done with Ray Tracing? [Course Site]
  2. Introduction to Real-Time Ray Tracing [Course Site]
  3. Path Guiding in Production [Course Site]
  4. Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games: Part 1&2 [Course Site]
  5. Open Problems in Real-Time Rendering
  6. Path Tracing in Production Part 1 & 2 [Course Site]
  7. My Favourite Samples [Course Site]
  8. RTX Accelerated Ray Tracing With OptiX [Course Site]

Technical Papers

  1. Hierarchical Russian Roulette for Vertex Connections [PDF]
  2. Optimal Multiple Importance Sampling [Site]
  3. Ellipsoidal Path Connections for Time-Gated Rendering [Site]
  4. A Monte-Carlo Framework for Rendering Speckle Statistics in Scattering Meida [PDF]
  5. Rodent: Generating Renderers Without Writing a Generator [PDF]
  6. Volume Path Guiding Based on Zero-Variance Random Walk THeory [PDF]
  7. A Null-Scattering Path Integral Formulation of Light Transport [Site]
  8. Fractionl Gaussian Fields for Modeling and Rendering of Spatially-Correlated Media [PDF]
  9. Photon Surface for Robust, Unbiased Volumentric Density Estimation [Site]
  10. Deep Inverse Rendering for High-resolution SVBRDF Estimation from an Arbitrary Number of Images [PDF]
  11. Accurate Appearance Preserving Prefiltering for Rendering Displacement-Mapped Surface [PDF]

In the end, share a group photo with my friends and dear Professors at University of California, Santa Barbara.


People from left front to back to right front are: Pradeep Sen, Goksu Guvendiren, Sorry I forgot him, Tobias Hollerer, Nima Kalantari, Chris Hellmuth, Steve Bako, Theodore Kim, Me, Yaoyi(Elyson)) Bai, Lingqi Yan.

Lei Xu
Sofware Engineer

My interests include computer graphics, physically based rendering, game engine.